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Because it’s my job to help you get the most out of your Amazon business!

Nobody should have to go through the stress of account suspensions or gated categories on Amazon - so that’s why I’m here to take the weight off your shoulders. I work with struggling Amazon sellers (maybe that’s you!) to keep their accounts online, boost their revenue and scale their stores - without the usual hassle.

Why Choose Mr Jeff?

Sit back and relax. Jeff’s got your back.


Ever feel like your Amazon business is suffering setback after setback?

Maybe you’ve been slapped with an account suspension for no obvious reason. Maybe you’re dealing with category gating issues that are costing you sales. Maybe you’re just sick of waiting days for Amazon support to finally get back to you.

Whatever you’re going through, I get it - and you’re definitely not the only one suffering. Truth is, I've seen the Amazon landscape change significantly over the last few years - and it’s tougher than ever to run a profitable store!

Stronger competition, tighter restrictions and an increase in account suspensions have become a normal practice for Amazon sellers. But I say ‘enough is enough!’ It’s time somebody (like me) did something to make your life a helluva lot easier…

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I’m your guardian angel with deep experience on the Amazon platform

I’ve been in the game a long time - and I’ve learned how to solve the most complicated cases through a whole lot of trial and error. What does that mean? Well, I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!My proven process has a strong success rate when it comes to reinstatement, ungating and suspension prevention. Just tell me what you’re dealing with and I’ll have the solution to you before you can say ‘wow, thanks Jeff!’


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Mr. Jeff's Team

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Roman Strykhar

CEO of Mr. Jeff

  • Running e-commerce businesses since 2010
    Hi, I'm Roman Strykhar. I started running e-com stores since I was 17. Then I became a professional seller on Amazon in 2016. Still being obsessed with my Amazon FBM & FBA businesses.

  • Taught more than 1000 people how to sell on Amazon
    I'm the author of the 'Business on Amazon' course that taught people on how to do safe dropshipping on Amazon back in 2018.

  • Spoken on multiple offline Amazon forums
    I shared my experience in Kyiv, Minsk, Izki, Lviv mostly for post-Soviet people. Most of the recordings are gathered on a Youtube channel

  • Always stable and correct approach
    I've built my dropshipping using this approach. I like to make sure that there is no 'margin for error' and the system works ideally to support long-term growth. We built Mr Jeff team the same way.

Jaroslav Zasidkovych

Co-owner of Mr. Jeff

  • Years of trial and error
    Hey, it's JZ here. I was running a six-figure Amazon dropshipping business from 2017-2019 until all my stores got shut down and Amazon took all the funds. I've tested 8 different selling strategies and was a big fan of 'black holes' Amazon had in their system. It gave me knowledge and experience.

  • Running Amazon Account business since 2020
    I've decided to stop selling and focus on helping other sellers instead. That's how ASA was born and that's how we've already helped hundreds of people by buying and selling over 1500 stores in the last 3 years.

  • Self-driven approach
    Mr Jeff was born because there was a need to help other sellers in ASA business. We just couldn't refuse them cause it didn't feel right. That's why Mr. Jeff's team is enthusiastic to make sure that we give at least some advice to our clients if we can't help with our service.

My contacts:



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Account Reinstatment Specialist


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