5 Serious Mistakes You Must Avoid During Amazon Account Reinstatement

September 15, 2022

Amazon suspension is a distress that sends most sellers into a frenzy.

If you have experienced it too, you know, when it is your income, reputation, and years of efforts and dreams on the line, it's natural to panic. The urge to immediately get back on the horse is overwhelming, and the first thought that crosses the mind is a big fat "Why??"

The next response? Either denial or false hopes...

"Maybe it's just a mistake.....

That too, on Amazon's end! "

So what to do?

Rush to Amazon to tell them it's just a random mistake on their part?

Not so fast. It's not such a cakewalk.

They built the empire by figuring out what works for their business and what doesn't. They control the game and hold all the cards, so either you play by their rules or say goodbye to their platform.

It is normal in Amazon selling to jump over these hurdles, so no matter how much it hurts, the first step is to calm down and avoid making these mistakes for a better chance of reinstatement.


Dealing with Amazon suspensions is an upsetting process. However, knowing what to do and what mistakes to steer clear off goes a long way in bringing your business back to life as promptly as possible.

In this post, we are going to talk about the most common mistakes you must avoid while trying to get your business up and running again on Amazon

  1. Appealing Too Soon Without Understanding The Root Cause

Appealing without fully understanding the reason for the suspension is a pointless move that reduces your chances of success and wastes your time, money, and resources.

Amazon wants to see that you are paying attention to their expectations and acting responsibly. Your first appeal is your most crucial shot at winning reinstatement, so don't mess up in the heat of emotion, and take your time to research, prepare and opt for the best approach that brings in results

  1. Playing The Blame Game

When it comes to suspensions, one basic rule to remember is that mere opinions of yours are NOT going to work. Blaming their customers, or even worse, Amazon itself will only add to your loss.

It would be best to focus on the right things in your appeal and only give them what they care about.

Stick to the facts, play professional, follow the proper format, and don't allow your emotions to hinder your appeal. If they believe your account has fallen into their red zone, only a cautious and logical approach will convince them otherwise.

  1. Tampering With Documentation

Amazon has a very solid digital forensics system that will almost immediately pick up anything deceptive in 99.99% of cases. Always send your documents EXACTLY by the letter of the law. Do not, at any cost, attempt to forge, alter, manipulate or do anything "sneaky" with your invoices.

If your documentation and invoices are not according to Amazon's requirements, contact your suppliers and respective sources and get authentic ones made accordingly, but do not take shortcuts that will only bring you more trouble.

  1. Sending too many appeals

Amazon Seller Performance gets a truckload of appeals every day, and yours has just a few minutes (AND number of opportunities) to be heard before the specialist moves on to the next case.

This means that you must be careful not to waste your opportunities by making hurried, inadequate attempts or nagging them with too many pleas.

By default, the more reinstatement rejections you receive, the weaker your case gets. If you keep on pestering them, they will ultimately stop responding altogether, and the problem becomes worse.

So use your chances wisely by submitting your strongest appeal each time, be patient and wait at least 4-7 days before submitting the next one.

  1. Giving Up Too Soon

Just because your account has been struck down with suspension, it does not mean you should quit trying. After all, it's your business and worth going to lengths for. Focus on presenting your evidence calmly and persuasively in a way that Amazon understands, and you'll definitely stand a chance.

If you feel like you need help navigating the stress of reinstatement and do it the right way, you can always find Mr. Jeff's suspension appeal service.

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