Discover the New Powerful Amazon Health Metric to Keep Suspensions Away From Your Account

August 22, 2022

Amazon is supporting sellers in diagnosing their account health with a new holistic health metric that allows them to see if their account is at risk of suspension due to policy violations.

With this fantastic latest offering - the new and improved Account Health Rating (AHR) - Amazon has planned to be more strict with complaints and negative feedback, so it is must to keep an eye on this. 

As announced by Dharmesh Mehta, Vice President, Worldwide Selling Partner Services, 

"The new version of Account Health Rating (AHR) is an easy-to-understand metric that gives sellers an overall state of their account health, including if the numerical value makes their account Healthy/ At-Risk/Unhealthy.

This will provide sellers with quick account insights at a glance and enhance the account health performance monitoring for both the sellers and Amazon.

Understanding the AHR colour-coded score

The AHR is a colour-coded score ranging from 0 to 1,000 that offers a near-real-time state of your account's health, letting you know if your selling account in a specific store is at risk of being deactivated.

Here is what you need to know about the colour code:

  • AHR Green - the green code represents that your account is healthy (based on the score of 200 -1000) and is not at risk of deactivation.

  • AHR Yellow - the yellow code represents that your account is at the risk of deactivation. (Based on the score of 100-199)

  • AHR Red - the red code represents that your account is unhealthy (based on a score of 99 or lower), and your account is eligible for deactivation or already deactivated.

Amazon reveals how AHR is the game-changing health metric for better account health insights:

Upon sellers' request, rather than issuing another dictionary-length list of what is counted as policy violations, Amazon has introduced the AHR model to help sellers precisely understand where they stand regarding account health. 

The metric calculates the number of accumulated policy violations and determines the chances of account suspension through colour-coded numerical ratings. Sellers can now know each violation's severity level, allowing them to identify and address the most critical issues first.

Additionally, to make policy adherence easier, a new team of Account Health Specialists has been dedicated to assisting sellers in having a better experience with resolving Amazon complaints and getting their accounts back on track.

How to take the best of AHR and keep your business healthy and running?

With the new health feature, we hope it becomes easier for sellers to keep their businesses up and running on Amazon. 

AHR is an excellent tool for clear insights on crucial health metrics that allows you to keep suspensions at bay and put your finger over critical issues before they can eat your business away

This means it is time to head straight to your upgraded account health section and check what issues you will need Mr. Jeff (you know it's me) to help you resolve. 

All it will take is just 48 hours for me to make your account go fresh and green again ;)

Let me know what your account ratings are.

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What is Amazon Account Health?

Amazon Account Health is a feature of your seller central account that gives an overall evaluation for seller performance and quality of service you are delivering on the platform. It is necessary for sellers to maintain great account health ratings to keep their business running on the platform and failing to do so creates major setbacks ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent bans on Amazon.

What is a good account health rating on Amazon?

AHR Green rating is what you should strive for to make sure your account is healthy (based on the score of 200 -1000) and is not at risk of deactivation.

How can Mr. Jeff help me maintain a good account rating?

Mr. Jeff’s Concierge Service can absolutely change the way you play on Amazon. Stay healthy always by keeping your account health under a vigilant radar! We guard your account health by monitoring 16 account health metrics of your store. After a weekly review, we notify you if there are any critical situations that may be dangerous for your account.

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