Here Is How To Fight Amazon IP Complaints And Save Your Account From Risk

August 22, 2022

If you are tired of dealing with a new batch of Amazon IP complaints every other day, you have landed at the right place.

With Amazon’s relentless boom in the e-commerce industry and the mind-blowing opportunities it presents to its sellers, the dynamics of the business game have also become brutal.

There is a fierce competition between the sellers to grab the best market share, and not everyone is a fair player.

This means that the Amazon market has its fair share of black sheep sellers who resort to black hat tactics like taking advantage of Amazon’s Intellectual Property Rights Complaints for falsely striking other sellers down.

Not fair, right?

It surely isn’t. And Mr.Jeff (hello there-it is me) is here to show you a way around it.

Understanding Amazon IP Complaints

For years, Amazon has been dedicatedly focused on being a customer-centric company, to provide the best customer experience on the planet.

Due to this, they take the Intellectual Property Rights of businesses very seriously to ensure the utmost product authenticity. The platform itself doesn’t monitor the sellers for IP infringement, but once an Amazon IP infringement complaint is received, strong action is taken.

Makes sense when the complaint is legitimate…

But what about the false claims made solely with the intent of eliminating competition?

In the past, Amazon would immediately suspend listings and accounts, as soon as the complaint was received. The accused sellers did not have any chance of defense against the violation claims which led to the exploitation of seller rights. 

Upon seller requests, they have finally adjusted their policies to eliminate the loophole of infringement policy abuse, and are now providing the affected sellers an equal chance of fighting back the baseless complaints. Even with valid complaints, sellers are given a chance to immediately take corrective action and save their businesses from being shut down.

How to Tackle Amazon IP Complaints and Keep Your Business Safe

The first step that you need to take after receiving the complaint is to check out its validity. 

If the complaint is valid, Amazon needs to see that you are taking it seriously..

It is important to address the issue immediately without any delays. Usually with a valid IP violation, they first suspend the particular ASIN only so you can prevent account suspension with the steps below

  • You need to communicate with the brand and follow their guidelines to get the complaint retracted. 

  • Notify Amazon about the communication even if there is no response received from the brand

  • Send an effective plan of action to Amazon with the list of corrective steps you have taken to make the situation right.  

Now if the IP strike you have received is just a competitor trying to play it dirty, it needs to be dealt with differently

You need to show Amazon proof of how the complaint is baseless. Luckily, in case of baseless complaints, the facts are on your side, so it is easier to tackle them in most cases

  • Check the USPTO and copyright office to gather your proof (incase of baseless claims, obviously the complainant does not own the rights). 

  • Write to Amazon in a clear, organized, and convincing style why you are not violating the IP rights.

  • Attach the USPTO/Copyright proofs along with your supplier detail and invoices to strengthen your case

  • Keep a steady flow of communication until they verify the information and resolve the case.

Since every case is unique, the content of your email depends almost entirely on the facts and circumstances surrounding your product and your business. 

It is important to remember that there are only a given number of chances, so you need to do it right.

Feels difficult? 

It doesn't have to be..


If you are struggling to get through the Amazon complaint removal process, letting an expert deal with the hassles is the best option to go with. Try Mr. Jeff’s complaint removal services (it’s me-your guardian angel again), and you only have to sit back and relax while I fight off all the mess to keep your business strong and running.

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Can I deal with an Amazon IP complaint on my own?

Amazon only allows very limited chances to resolve the complaints so it is very important to not subject those few opportunities to test and trial. It is 100% recommended to seek expert support for going through tricky Amazon issues as more often than not, trying to go on their own create further complications for sellers.

Why should I pay extra attention to Amazon Complaint Removal?

Amazon complaints can lead to your account and listing suspensions if not taken seriously. Keep in mind that once a suspension happens, it is very difficult to reverse, and your business is down for as long as Amazon wants - so it is very important to take preventive care for your seller account before the trouble knocks.

Why other benefits can I get from Mr. Jeff’s Complaint Removal Service?

Mr. Jeff’s Complaint Removal Service significantly betters your account health leading to increased suspension protection, 250+ point boost in account health and improved buybox percentage.

How long will take for my account to be clean again?

All it takes is 48 hours (per complaint) to turn your account health around.

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