How Amazon Complaints can be deadly and put your account at risk of suspension?

August 12, 2022

Watch out for 3 key metrics to avoid Amazon Complaints & learn to tackle them before they get serious

Do you know what Jeff Bezos’ most favourite statement is?,

”We are an extremely customer-centric company”.

What most sellers come to understand later on in their journey with the 400 billion e-retail giant is that; By customer-centric, what Mr.Jeff (Not me this time - there’s another one too) really means is buyer-centric.

This translates to you getting suspended if you get complaints on your Amazon store (even if they are unjust). The most common types of Amazon complaints sellers have to deal with include Amazon IP complaints, trademark and product authenticity customer complaints.

Most of the time they do not come with a warning. You can just wake up on a regular morning and there it is on your screen ready to ruin several workdays in a row.

It can be anything. Be it an envious competitor playing dirty to bring you down, an angry customer deciding to turn you into a punching bag , a mistake from supplier’s end or even a slip from your side -  it can happen to any store and anyone anytime. It has happened with us at Mr.Jeff (yeah - now it’s me) and it has happened with our clients as well.

The thing is, if you don’t follow the right process for Amazon complaint removal, the chances of your seller account blocking or amazon listing suspension soar upto 80%. And the reinstatement process of Amazon stores is often so traumatising that sellers really learn the age-old wisdom behind what they say about prevention (rephrase that to pro-action) being better than cure.

Better safe than sorry, eh?

So, as an Amazon seller, what to do to avoid complaints ?

And what to do AFTER one sticks to your account health section?

Here’s what you can do to track those nasty amazon complaints and take steps to remove them in a timely manner.

First of first, you need to be vigilant as to not make any mistakes from your end that lead to trouble. For that, the most important health metrics that you need to track are the Order Defect Rate, Pre-fulfillment cancel rate, and Late shipment rate.

  • Order defect rate: It is the percentage of your orders that have either received negative feedback, an A-Z Guarantee claim that has not been denied, or a credit card chargeback.
  • Pre-fulfillment Cancellation Rate: the number of orders the merchant failed to fulfill divided by the number of orders marked shipped for the week.
  • Late shipment rate: It is the number of seller-fulfilled orders that are ship confirmed after the expected ship date divided by the number of seller-fulfilled orders in the time period of interest.

Now amazon standards for the above three metrics are:

  • Order defect rate: less than 1%;
  • Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: less than 2.5%;
  • Late shipment rate: less than 4%.

Apart from these, another key metric to focus on is Customer support. How quickly do you respond to your customer queries and how do you resolve buyer claims?

Try any amount of non-vigilance in any of them, and the algorithms are gonna put a red tracker on your Amazon Store.

Hard to keep score right? With so much to do it is really just a headache for so many sellers that keep on giving them heartache (complaints and suspension). Check out how I take that away here (link to monthly suspension prevention).

So that’s that about the prevention to ward off any UNNECESSARY trouble.

But what if the trouble has already knocked the door?

Amazon complaints can’t just always be avoided, you know. There are far too many variables.

And honestly, there’s no one way to go about it. Most of these scenarios depend on a case-by-case basis that need to be dealt expertly. There are really a very few shots before the case is spoiled. That is why it’s better to consult a professional like Mr.Jeff [ me again ;) ] for it.

Once a complaint is put on your store - it can be a long process of removal.

What sellers generally try is contacting the reviewer again for their feedback, updating them on what changes you made after contacting them and then softly requesting to remove the complaint for you.

But it usually comes with no guarantees. Though with Mr.Jeff by their side most of them now don’t worry.

At least not anymore.

I have helped hundreds of clients and brought in stellar relief. I can do the same for you.

Fill up the form below and learn what steps you need to take next to get your amazon complaints removed TODAY.

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What complaints can Mr.Jeff help me with?

With Mr.Jeff by your side, you can easily have a seller account clean from all kinds of Amazon IP complaints, Trademark complaints and Counterfeit complaints.

How to get started with complaint removal?

Getting started is really simple. Mr.Jeff only asks for what is absolutely important to get the job done. This includes necessary account permissions, performance notifications and your account health reports along with the charge method you’ll use to pay for the service.

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