How to get Reinstate Listing on Amazon?

February 4, 2023

Getting your Amazon listing reinstated after it has been suspended can be a challenging and time-consuming process. 

Amazon has strict policies in place to protect their customers, and they take suspensions seriously. 

However, with the right approach and attention to detail, it is possible to have your listing reinstated.

Step 1: Determine the Reason for Suspension

The first step in getting your Amazon listing reinstated is to determine why it was suspended in the first place. Amazon will provide you with a reason for the suspension, but it may not always be clear or specific. Some common reasons for suspensions include:

  • Violating Amazon's policies on product listing content and images
  • Infringing on someone else's intellectual property rights
  • Selling restricted or regulated products
  • Poor customer feedback and high return rates

Step 2: Create a Plan of Action

Once you have determined the reason for the suspension, you need to create a plan of action to address the issue. This plan should outline the steps you will take to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Step 3: Update Your Product Listing

Once you have a plan of action in place, it's time to update your product listing to ensure that it complies with Amazon's policies. This may involve making changes to the product description, images, and other content, as well as ensuring that your product meets Amazon's requirements for quality and safety.

Step 4: Optimize Your Product Listing for SEO

In addition to making sure your product listing complies with Amazon's policies, it's important to optimize your listing for search engine optimization (SEO). This will help your product show up in relevant search results, making it easier for customers to find and purchase. Here are some tips for optimizing your product listing for SEO:

  • Use keywords in your product title and description
  • Include detailed product information, such as size, weight, and materials
  • Use high-quality images that accurately depict the product
  • Encourage customer reviews and respond to any negative feedback

Step 5: Submit a Plan of Action to Amazon

Once you have updated your product listing and optimized it for SEO, you need to submit a plan of action to Amazon explaining what you have done to address the issue and prevent it from happening again. This plan should be detailed and demonstrate that you take Amazon's policies and customer experience seriously.

Step 6: Monitor Your Listing

After you have submitted your plan of action, it's important to monitor your product listing to ensure that it remains in compliance with Amazon's policies. Regularly check your listing for any changes or updates, and respond promptly to any customer feedback or questions.


Getting your Amazon listing reinstated can be a challenging process, but with the right approach and attention to detail, it is possible. By determining the reason for the suspension, creating a plan of action, updating your product listing, optimizing it for SEO, submitting a plan of action to Amazon, and monitoring your listing, you can increase your chances of getting your listing reinstated and keeping it in good standing.

We hope this article has been helpful in giving you an understanding of how to get reinstated listing on Amazon. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

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