Issues with Tax for US Sellers - June 29 - INFORM Customers Act Update

July 7, 2023


Despite Amazon's announced deadline for document submission under the INFORM Customers Act, sellers on the forum continue to report ongoing issues related to tax requirements. 

Some sellers have noticed that their tax information has reverted to the "In Progress" status, prompting concerns and inquiries. In response to these concerns, Amazon's customer support has acknowledged the problem and provided an explanation. 

This article aims to highlight the persisting issues faced by US sellers regarding tax forms and related challenges such as business address, phone number, bank account verification, and verification postcard codes.

Ongoing Challenges with Tax Forms:

Two days after the specified deadline, numerous sellers are still encountering difficulties with their tax information. 

Despite submitting the required tax forms, sellers have found their status returning to "In Progress." 

Amazon's customer support has acknowledged the issue and provided an official response, stating that there was an error when requesting US sellers to submit new tax forms under the INFORM Customers Act. 

They reassured sellers that if their businesses are registered in the US, their tax information has already been reviewed, and resubmission is unnecessary. 

The Account Health page will be updated accordingly to reflect this in the coming days.

Additional Challenges and Support:

In addition to the tax form issues, sellers have reported challenges with various aspects such as updating business addresses, phone numbers, bank account verification, and verification postcard codes. 

These ongoing difficulties indicate that the problems have not been fully resolved. Amazon's customer support has addressed these concerns, promising to rectify the issues. 

They have requested sellers to provide screenshots and case numbers to assist in resolving the specific challenges they face.


Despite the announced deadline, US sellers continue to experience challenges related to tax requirements and other associated issues on the Amazon platform. 

The reported problems, such as tax form submissions reverting to "In Progress" status and difficulties with updating business information, persist. Amazon's customer support has acknowledged these issues and is working to resolve them. 

Sellers are encouraged to provide relevant details and case numbers to facilitate the resolution process. 

It is crucial for affected sellers to stay informed about official updates and continue engaging with the provided support channels to address their concerns effectively.

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