The Ultimate Suspension Protection For Your New Amazon Account

December 9, 2022


1.1 Introduction

1.2 How Amazon Creates Hurdles For New Seller Accounts

1.3 A Hidden Strategy To The Rescue - Shield Your Account And Get A 2X Boost

Here’s How To Save Thousands of Dollars On Starting Your Selling Journey & Boost Your Account Like A Pro

Starting your business on Amazon is an exciting journey that can take your business to great heights, but the way to get everything rolling smoothly is thorny & confusing. This makes it critical for new players to have a guide who knows where to step and what to skip to save costs, time, and worries - which is precisely something that can mean the difference between being another failed statistic or a successful online business. 

This post will guide you about the number #1 most common pitfall that trips new sellers downhill in a bad ditch, costing them thousands of dollars and turning their Amazon dream into coals.

Learning How To Prevent Amazon From Creating Hurdles For Your New Seller Account

Amazon is an open marketplace with billions of shoppers and third-party sellers worldwide. The eCom behemoth is flooded by hundreds of new seller account requests every single day, due to which they have difficult account opening requirements and verification systems to keep their platform clean and clear of any ingenuine or fraudulent activity. Unfortunately, due to the size of the eCom activity they handle every day, their systems get too rigid and create hurdles for new sellers to proceed smoothly with their seller journey. 

The biggest problem area for newcomers is the platform’s documentation and verification process. Even if you have come all the way through their intensive account opening verification requirements , the process is still not complete.

Here is how the next challenge waits for you…

Regardless of being an FBA or FBM seller, you only have 90 days from the moment of store launch, to prove your reliability as a seller to Amazon. This 90 day period is an evaluative time during which your account is not eligible for buybox (the add to cart button) and is strictly monitored for red flags.  

Once the 90 day time-period has passed or your business starts making sales or any red flags are detected, you are at a 90% risk of facing a hurdle in smoothly rolling out your account because of Amazon’s UNWARNED systematic requests for invoices and documents of three randomly selected products from your catalog. These are sent to authenticate the origin of inventory you have sourced for sale. 

If you are an official reseller with a contract & official letter of authorization from brands, you can pass this Amazon check very quickly. However, it mostly becomes a nightmare for small to medium level sellers who source their inventory on a small level from third-party sources or are working over dropshipping / other business models, since documents from these sources are not accepted by Amazon.

The result?

Revoked selling privileges, stranded inventory, hard work and all your money gone down the drain. It’s heartbreaking to see how many sellers suddenly find themselves standing in the middle of nowhere with the only option of leaving the business and putting their dreams to rest. 

The question is .. does it really have to be that way?

Fortunately, the answer is no :) 

Not really, when you have Mr. Jeff by your side

Mr. Jeff To the Rescue - Finding Preventive Ways To Avoid Amazon’s New Account Blocking and Giving Your Accounts A Boost.

At Mr. Jeff, we are here to take all the heavy burdens off your shoulders :) So here we come with a magical solution!

The key to bypass Amazon’s preventive new account blocking lies in the art of Amazon Ungating through an exceptional strategy.

The idea is to proactively open categories with the documents that we do have, rather than waiting for Amazon to request documents that we don't have.

Instead, we go ahead and open several categories for your new business with original authentic documents (Amazon ungating documents) that we do have. This in advance gives Amazon the understanding that you are the original & official reseller of certain products & ungated brands on Amazon, hence they do not make a new request for re-submission of documents that sellers are unable to provide.  

The entire strategy revolves around using exceptional ungating & Amazon brand approval service strategies over various categories and brands in the correct sequence before we make the first sale. This stops Amazon’s red flags from being raised right in their tracks, BEFORE they get your account questioned or blocked.

No red flags mean no account screening by Amazon!

This allows the sellers to bypass the system of preventive blocking using our New Avoiding an Invoice Request Service and save up to 60 to 90 days of precious time wasted during the account hold, PLUS save thousands of dollars and their dreams that get lost during the suspension process. Not only does this strategy protect your account from Amazon’s preventive blocking, it also gives your account a leveraged status for a 2x boost in sales, visibility, selling options, profit margins and accelerated growth towards Amazon’s advanced seller account options such as shorter paycycle, increased stock limits etc that 90% of the newbies do not have. 

So make wise decisions today to turbo-charge your business growth by letting Mr. Jeff’s  Avoiding an Invoice Request protect you from the expensive fails of a new seller’s journey - All in just 10 days with a one-time payment of $850 only!

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How long will it take for my account to be protected and sell on ungated categories on Amazon ?

To ensure protection against Amazon’s preventive account blocking, we need to send applications to Amazon ungating services team and seller support so the entire process takes about 10-12 working days.

Is it necessary for me to sell in all ungated categories?

Not at all! You can definitely choose to sell in the categories of your choice only and keep others for later use according to your will.

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