Top Discussions on Amazon Trading in June - Insights from Reddit

July 7, 2023


Continuing our series on the most discussed topics on Reddit related to Amazon trading, we highlight the key discussions that took place during the previous week. 

This article covers three popular topics that emerged in June, as shared and discussed by the Reddit community.

These include concerns about verifying shipping costs from Alibaba suppliers, the perceived difficulty of selling on Amazon in 2023, and the possibility of blocking a buyer on the platform. We will delve into the popular responses and insights shared by sellers on these subjects.

1. Verifying Shipping Costs from Alibaba Suppliers:

Many sellers expressed concerns about fluctuating shipping costs from their suppliers in China. 

They felt that they were being deceived and sought ways to obtain accurate international shipping quotes.

Popular responses included:

- Some Reddit users suggested obtaining quotes directly from 4-5 different freight forwarders independently. They emphasized that shipping costs tend to change monthly.

2. Is Selling on Amazon More Difficult in 2023?

A seller who started selling on Amazon between March and May sought the community's opinion on whether it has become more challenging to start selling on Amazon in 2023. 

They mentioned having taken a course that provided valuable information but had some gaps regarding sales, fees, taxes, and actual profitability. 

The seller shared their positive experience with their first product, which sold out quickly after being accepted by FBA.

Popular responses included:

- Some sellers mentioned that the market has become more competitive, with an influx of new sellers. Others disagreed, stating that Amazon remains a good platform for trading. 

One seller shared their decision to start with their own brand and products, relying on manufacturers for production. They believed this allowed them to be more competitive in their category.

3. Blocking a Buyer on Amazon:

A seller who offers custom forged items shared their experience with a buyer who attempted to order a law enforcement emblem twice. The seller wanted to know if there was a way to block the buyer and how to handle such situations.

Popular responses included:

- Reddit users clarified that it is not possible to block a buyer on Amazon. 

However, sellers can report the issue using the following link: 


The Reddit community actively engages in discussions about various aspects of Amazon trading, highlighting common challenges and sharing insights. 

The topics discussed in June revolved around verifying shipping costs from Alibaba suppliers, the perceived difficulty of selling on Amazon in 2023, and the possibility of blocking buyers on the platform. 

The popular responses provided valuable perspectives, but sellers should conduct thorough research and consider their specific circumstances before making any decisions. 

Participating in such forums can offer insights, build a sense of community, and provide support for Amazon sellers.

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