How To Appeal Amazon’s Multiple-Account Related Suspension So You Can Get Back To Selling

August 22, 2022

If you've ever tried selling on Amazon and have faced an account-related suspension (even once), you realise the pain of being locked out of your account. And there's a reason why being locked out hurts. You're locked out of all selling activities for every single minute under suspension. 

It keeps on happening to people. Every day, more and more sellers are being banned from selling on Amazon; they find similar accounts that sell on Amazon and suspend the seller account based on similarities between the accounts. 

In this article, I'll share why you face these suspensions and how you can claim them.

What actually is Amazon-related Account Suspension?

You are operating the business for a significant time then; all of a sudden, amazon makes the accusation that your running account is related to another account. According to amazon policy on multiple accounts, i.e., the seller no longer has to obtain Amazon's permission to open a second seller account.

The intent of Amazon is clear: they're trying to get rid of sellers who were suspended and used another account to operate.

What triggers other account-related suspension? Find out now

  1. Your account is suspected to be connected to another suspended account by Amazon. Due to similar company addresses, names, usage of the same wireless networks, entering accounts from the same computer, etc. Amazon can classify this account as connected.
  2. You opened a seller account before but failed the verification process.
  3. You accessed your account in the location another seller account has been accessed, such as a public WiFi.
  4. You had your Amazon account suspended and opened another seller account, trying to get around the suspension.
  5. You granted the user access to someone whose seller account was suspended.

How to Win Back a Suspended Account From Amazon?

It's time to get back your suspended account by just following the simple steps:

  1. I would recommend that if you have a related account suspension, you should always appeal for the initial account that was established. 
  2. You must figure out what account Amazon has deemed you related to. If you know this, proceed to the next step. 
  3. Call Amazon customer support and, while on the phone, clarify that you are not associated with another account. Be sincere and persistent.
  4. After figuring out the suspended account, the easiest thing to do is to get that seller to get their account unsuspended.
  5. If your suspension is related to a service provider, you have granted API access. Check the User Permissions History page and look for any history of revoked.
  6. If you failed to get unsuspended, Now amazon can ask you to prove you are not related to that account by providing utility bills, business licence information, and the usual identity verification documents are a good start.

It is true that reinstatement is an exhausting and long-winded process. Patience and right expertise is the key.If you tried every possible way but cannot find a way to get back your account, there’s still a solution. We are here to help. 

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